Daniel Muriel

PhD in Sociology, Ludic Dilettante


Muriel, Daniel (2018). “Videoludification of social reality: video games and their culture as paradigms of the coming society” [In Spanish], Permanent Seminar of Interdisciplinary Research of Leisure and Knolewdge Chair and Inter-university Nomad Series of ARSGAMES, Bilbao.

Muriel, Daniel (2017). “Technopolitical derivation in the digital age: video game culture and videoludification of the social” [In Spanish], Tecnopolitica, subjetividades y videojuegos,  Carlos III University of Madrid and ARSGAMES, Madrid (Spain).

Crawford, Garry; Muriel, Daniel; Conway, Stephen (2017). “A feel for the game: exploring game experience through sports-themed video games”, The BEAUTIFUL FRAME – Animation, Video Games and Virtual Experience: Sport and the Artifice of Moving Image Media, The Supporters Club, Hotel Football, Manchester (UK).

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Muriel, Daniel (2008). “Dispositifs of construction of the We in contemporary societies: heritage, experts, identity [In Spanish], Lecture in Gino Germani Institute, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

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