Daniel Muriel

PhD in Sociology, Videoludificator of the Real

Events and Exhibitions

Script and presentation of the video essay “The videoludification of the real”

Exhibition “Homo Ludens. Video games to understand the present”

Concept and script of the video essay with Luca Carrubba (curator for the exhibition) and Grupo Lavinia. Presentation of the video essay.

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Organisation of an International Seminar in Tabakalera

Reality video-gamified. The social importane of video games in contemporary society

Video games have acquired the greatest possible social and cultural importance in contemporary societies. It is not just a flourishing industry, but a phenomenon that is beginning to permeate the length and breadth of the social fabric. The ultimate proof that video game culture is affecting practically every area of our society is demonstrated by those aspects of video games that go beyond the limits of the games themselves. By this we mean the process of video gamification of social activities through which different aspects of our daily lives are being colonised by the mechanics, languages, aesthetics, interfaces, logics, meanings and practices of video games. Thus we see video-gamifying processes in areas as diverse as the economy, work, leisure, politics, education, health, social and personal relationships, the construction of identities and consumption. Starting from a conception of the video game as a socio-technical device or assembly – that is, as the expression of a network of discourses, practices, knowledge, rationalities, technologies and spaces – this seminar seeks to address the social, cultural, political and artistic importance of the video game within an increasingly gamified reality. The main focus of the seminar is the idea of the video-gamification of the social and how it is possible to approach fundamental issues that affect contemporary society from the video game in all its facets (narrative, recreational, social, ethical, political, technological, cultural and artistic). The speakers invited to the seminar will address issues such as gamification and the creation of subjectivities, the hegemony of neoliberal political rationalities, the relationship between recreation, art and capitalism, the gender and feminist perspective, and the video-gamification of cultural dynamics.


Wednesday 28 April 

17:30-17:45. DANIEL MURIEL Seminar presentation. Presentation of the seminar: justification, purpose, topics to be discussed, invited people and connection with the exhibition and other activities of Tabakalera. (ES)

17:45-19:00 ALFIE BOWN Sexbots and Smart Condoms: Ludified Love in Digital Society ONLINE (EN>ES)

19:15-20:30. LUCA CARRUBBA Recreational societies: the video game as an object of the artistic process (ES)

Thursday 29 April 

12:30-13:45. ÓLIVER PÉREZ-LATORER Culture of resilience. Video games and running in times of crisis ONLINE (ES)

17:30-18:45. MERCÉ OLIVA Follow the rules: work imaginaries, gamification and media ONLINE (ES)

19:00-20:30. MARINA AMORES Y MARTA TRIVI From “¡Protesto!” to “Nerfeadas”: from the theory to the practice of machismo in the world of the video game. Includes the showing of an episode from the documentary series Nerfeadas (ES)

Friday 30 April 

12:30-13:45. VÍCTOR NAVARRO REMESAL Slow Gaming: how slowness and relaxation conquered the video game ONLINE (ES)

17:30-18:45. DESMUSEA (Clara Harguindey and Daniel Pecharromán) The museum happens here (ES)

19:00-20:15 EURÍDICE CABAÑES Governance through play ONLINE (ES)

20:20-20:30. Closing of the seminar. Brief session to close the seminar, summarising the main conclusions.

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Video on the social importance of video games

Exhibition “Video games. The two sides of the screen” from Fundación Telefónica

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