My book Identidad gamer. Videojuegos y construcción de sentido en la sociedad contemporánea [Gamer Identitity. Video Games and Construction of Meaning in Contemporary Society] has been published by AnaitGames press (cover design: Santa Suki). Prologued by Luca Carrubba, president of Arsgames  Spain, this essay explores the always controversial figure of the gamer from a sociological perspective. Available in Spanish bookstores and


Video games play a key role in contemporary society. As video games and their culture become more important, more and more questions emerge around them. How do video games affect everyday life? Are video games culture? Is it possible to create a sense of belonging based on them? Gamer Identity explores the controversial figure of the gamer from a sociological point of view. This book is the outcome of an experiment that was born on AnaitGames website, and it is – at the same time – dissemination of a research project findings, public discussion, and a method to produce new knowledge.  In this essay, the reader will find a careful dissection of the gamer identity and its many versions, presented in an accesible but rigorous language. It also includes an analysis of the vibrant debate that arose with each category of the gamer identity on AnaitGames website; a very controversial and stimulating discussion around the gamer identity. Furthermore, this book goes beyond video games, their communities, and identities. It is also a treatise on our society and its problems, particularly those associated to the processes of meaning construction in contemporaneity. Gamer Identity is aimed at people that are interested in video games and their relationship with our changing sociocultural reality.