Daniel Muriel

PhD in Sociology, Videoludificator of the Real

Books and chapters in books


Amores, Marina y Muriel, Daniel (2021). A month in Tinder being a gamer woman [in Spanish]. Málaga: Applehead Team.

Muriel, Daniel and Crawford, Garry (2018). Video Games as Culture: Considering the Role and Importance of Video Games in Contemporary Society. London: Routledge.

Muriel, Daniel (2018). The Gamer Identity. Video Games and Construction of Meaning in Contemporary Society [In Spanish]. Barcelona: AnaitGames.

Muriel, Daniel y San Salvador del Valle, Roberto (eds) (2017). Digital technology and new forms of leisure [In Spanish]. Bilbao: Universidad de Deusto.

Muriel, Daniel (2017). Identity and Heritage. A (Sociological) Handbook for Understanding and Managing Cultural Heritage [In Spanish]. Amazon: KDP.

Chapter in books

Muriel, Daniel (2021). “Video Games and Identity Formation in Contemporary Society”, in Rohlinger, Deana A. and Sobieraj, Sarah. The Oxford Handbook of Sociology and Digital Media. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Muriel, Daniel (2021). “The videoludification of the real” [in Spanish], en Carrubba, Luca (editor). Catálogo Exposición “Homo Ludens”. Barcelona: Tenov.

Muriel, Daniel (2021). “Video games and culture of memory within neoliberal political rationalities” [in Spanish], en Moreno Cantano, Antonio César and Gómez-García, Salvador (eds.). Videojuegos del presente. La realidad en formato lúdico. Gijón: Trea.

Muriel, Daniel (2020). “Methodology. Video Games as Research Methods” [In Spanish], in Navarro Remesal, Víctor. On games. 25 ways towards game studies.  Gijón: Shangrila, pp. 149-155.

Muriel, Daniel (2018). “New (non-intentional) forms of social participation and political activism through digital leisure: Pokémon, tweets, and gamifications” [in Spanish], in Madariaga, Aurora y Ponce de León, Ana (eds.). Leisure and Social Participation in Communitarian Environments. Logroño: Universidad de la Rioja.

Muriel, Daniel (2017). “The videoludification of the social in the digital age and video game culture” [In Spanish] in Muriel, Daniel y San Salvador del Valle, Roberto (eds.). Digital technology and new forms of leisureBilbao: Universidad de Deusto, 39-57.

Muriel, Daniel y San Salvador del Valle (2017). “Introduction: leisure in the digital age” [In Spanish] in Muriel, Daniel y San Salvador del Valle, Roberto (eds.). Digital technology and new forms of leisureBilbao: Universidad de Deusto, 9-14.

Muriel, Daniel (2014). “The government of the «other» in the Basque Country: Inclusive Citizenship and Integration Policies” [In Spanish] in Irazuzta, Ignacio y Martínez, María (coords.). From Identity to Vulnerability. Otherness and Integration in the Contemporary Basque Country. Barcelona: Bellaterra, 39-69.

Muriel, Daniel (2013). The Expert Construction of Heritage. A Sociology of Mediations on the Role Played by the Fabric of Expertise in the Production of Cultural Heritage in the Basque Country [In Spanish]. Doctoral Thesis: Universidad del País Vasco.

Muriel, Daniel (2011). “Operative rubbish” [In Spanish] in Gatti, Gabriel (ed.). Inappropriateness. A strange project of sociological research. Montevideo: Brecha, 98-99.

Muriel, Daniel (2010). “Heritage as a dispositif for the construction of what belong to us in these days of… crisis? From cultural inheritance to identities: new ways of making community in contemporary societies” [In Spanish] in De Marinis, Pablo; Gatti, Gabriel; Irazuzta, Ignacio (Eds.). The Community as a pretext. Barcelona: Anthropos, 307-344.

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