In the 28th of September, I gave a talk entitled ‘Video Games as Experience: Escapism, Empathy, and Post- Identity Social Settings’ as part of the Workshop Identity and Video Games: the Reconstruction of the Subject in Digital Age that was held at Carlos III University, Madrid. I talked about the possibility of considering video games as experiences, subverting the traditional ideas that understand the video game as a medium to escape from reality. In fact, I suggested that video games connect us with reality in different and surprising ways. Video games are then works that allow us to have experiences (mediated nonetheless, but experiences after all) that we wouldn’t have otherwise. From there, in the second part of my presentation, I focused on some of the discourses around video gamer identities and the communities they form. A case that, to a certain extent, prefigures a tendency in contemporary society: the emergence of post- identity social settings. Here, the video in Spanish of my talk, thanks to Antihype.